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Reference Sound Sources (RSS)
LEED compliant regionally produced

Campanella Associates - Acoustical Consultants - A listing of available articles is followed by a general introduction below.

We are sorry to announce that Angelo Campanella passed away on March 24, 2019. You can read his obituary here:

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Dedicated to make home, work, institutional and recreational environments pleasant and safe.
We provide our clients with effective methods to reduce or eliminate noise, to make building environments pleasant and to make entertainment facilities of all genre effective and efficient.

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 Angelo J. Campanella, P.E., Ph.D. ,FASA. (Principal)   - Publications -

 Visit his personal Web site at:     ange.htm

Registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania and Ohio.
Fellow of the Acoustical society of America

   Campanella Associates, Acoustical Consultants,  provides:
ºArchitectural Acoustics design of  - and noise isolation testing for - Auditoriums, Churches, Recording and TV studios, Apartments, Residential units, and Open Plan Offices;
º Master Plan computer modeling of airport, highway, and railroad noise;
ºBuilding interior noise and vibration reduction by design and testing;    
ºSeismic (dynamic and stress) analysis of nuclear power plant components;
ºSurveys and reporting; noise control design; expert witness testimony
º Noise and vibration testing for OSHA, Leq, DNL, IIC, and seismic mitigation              recommendations for FAA, FHA and HUD compliance;
ºParticipation in joint ventures;  Has aircraft for travel to remote sites.  for architectural, noise and vibration surveys and analysis.
ºOEM of Acculab Reference Sound Sources (RSS's) for worldwide sound power determination.

  Campanella Associates has an extensive client listing.

  The science of acoustics provides the only reliable way to measure, analyze and control sound.
Unwanted sound ("noise") from our everyday environment can be annoying or damaging because our hearing sense cannot be turned off. Modern society unintentionally produces large quantities of noise through transportation, manufacturing and recreational activities.

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Active Noise Control or Cancellation (ANC)

Air System Quieting
Building Architectural Acoustics
Classroom Acoustics

Community Noise
Fatigue Analysis
Industrial Noise Reduction
Materials Evaluation
Occupational Noise

Open Office Test Loudspeaker
Open Plan Offices

Vibration Analysis & Remediation

Seismic Analysis

Sound Advice on Noisy Environmental Acoustic Design
Sound Advice on Sound Absorption
Sound Advice on Teleconferencing
Room Acoustics

Studio Design

Transportation Noise (Highway - Railroad - Aircraft)

LEED compliant regionally produced
Reference Sound Sources (RSS)

Hemianechoic Space Test Speaker

Open Office Test Speaker

Ultrasonic Reference Sound Source

ACCULAB Reference Sound Manual

RSS History


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